KENPOKU ART 2016 | Interfering Floating Bodies

Sep-Nov/2016 at Reijunkan, Ibaraki


This is an installation that defies the preconception that soap bubbles are things that pop and vanish easily. The members are Shogo Abiru (sculptor), Sakura Kai (designer), Jiro Hashimoto (musician), Mafumi Hishida (scientist), Masaru Mizuochi (programmer), and Yuma Yanagisawa (engineer). The team was formed after exchanging ideas at a “hackathon” event. The soap bubble in the glass bowl floats in mid-air without falling, creating a beautiful sight. The surrounding is reflected in the bubble’s surface on all angles, and the rainbow-colored interference patterns on the surface constantly move in alluring ways. And the sound and light (video) respond to the movement of the soap bubble, accentuating its beauty. This is a wholly new beauty and experience that was born out of a creative encounter between art, science and craftwork.

interfering floating bodies from hawkshaw on Vimeo.

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