SOL.AR.IS is an art project in the form of a mobile application using innovative augmented reality (AR) technology. The inspiration for the creative work of the artists co-creating the project was the science-fiction novel entitled „Solaris” written by Stanisław Lem.

SOL.AR.IS is a virtual space in which the recipient has the opportunity to interact in real time with ephemeral, virtual 3D objects inspired by the fantastic phenomena created by extraterrestrial intelligence described in the novel. Animated objects were designed by CGI artists: Oliver Latta from Germany, Yuma Yanagisawa from Japan, Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu from New Zealand, Zsolt Laszlo Bordos and Gaspar Battha from Hungary. Ambient soundscapes for each of the objects were composed by the Iranian audiovisual artist Ali Phi. Each object is accompanied by a short description – an artistic impression describing its character.

Sculptures placed in the AR space can be discovered and viewed in the spectators’ surroundings using a smartphone or tablet with the pre-installed application, by scanning the space e.g. a room, meadow or street.

Download SOL.AR.IS for free from the AppStore (|) or GooglePlay (

Video by Kachna Baraniewicz

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